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11 Essential Marketing Tools for Online Reputation Management

Did you know your online reputation can determine the success or downfall of your business? Once you post online, the information stays forever. Therefore, you must keep track of your online reputation to minimize any harmful posts or comments about you or your business.

Online reputation management is the process of highlighting positive information about you or your brand online. Luckily, you get a chance to improve your online reputation with online reputation management software actively. Whether you want to focus on your business reputation or solve parts of your past, these tools may come in handy.

The following tools will effectively enable you to control the online reputation and management process.


Awario tools help you manage your business or brand’s mentions across all social media networks. The software also enables you to track people who may be stealing your content. Awarios’ sentiment analysis showed you positive and negative comments towards your business across all social networks.


Most people turn to a customers’ review section before deciding on a product or a service. As the name implies, Rize Reviews is an online reputation software that enables you to protect your reputation holistically. Many businesses are raving about their online reputation management software that has proven to give them quick and long term results.

Rize Reviews has tools to boost your brand’s online reputation and tailored perfectly to your business niche. Their online reputation management software is designed to help business owners monitor and grow their customer reviews more efficiently. Especially in these times that Social Proof is very important, business owners need to control what potential clients see online so they can have competitive advantage over their competition.


YouScan is a listening tool that detects logos, objects, scenes, and demographic information on images. It enables you to scan social media platforms for brand mentions. It then analyses the results to get what’s relevant according to your search.

Through this tool, a user gets to view a product’s real-world consumption, the competitor’s analysis, measure brand visibility, understand your customers, and find a marketing campaign inspiration with the aid of visual insights.


Mention is generally a comprehensive Google alert tool. Mention allows you to receive alerts in real-time from blogs, news sites, television, or even social media. With the aid of this software, you can compare your brand with other competitors.

Mention allows you to monitor your competitor’s keywords and social handles. This software accommodates sentimental analysis and enables you to filter your results to know how people feel about your brand.

Get Five Stars

If you want solutions to help you get responses from your audience, consider purchasing the Get five stars online reputation software. Customer feedback helps business owners improve their brand reputation and trigger positive changes to attract more buyers. With the Get five stars reputation tool, you can efficiently manage your customer feedback and online reviews.


Buzzsumo supports a content analysis report that provides engagement for Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Pinterest. This software provides the number of links a search result has received. Buzzsumo tracks brand mentions, backlinks, keyword mentions, competitor mentions for your online reputation management.

Google Alerts

If you are a business owner or a brand, you can set up Google alerts for your name or business. When someone posts something that refers to you, Google will alert you through your e-mail. This allows you to take any immediate action where necessary.

The Brand Grader

The Brand Grader online reputation management software can provide useful information on how your brand performs online. When you enter the name of your brand, the software sends details from the last seven days on your e-mail, such as:

  • Your social following on different social media platforms
  • The location where conversations about your brand came from
  • Mentions if most positive or negative comments
  • Mentions sources who mentioned your brand the mos

Social Mention

If you are looking for software that picks up real-time social media analysis, Social mention is the right tool for you. Social mention displays previous comments and distinguishes the positive, negative, and neutral user sentiments.


Brandwatch comes with qualities like image detection, the latest topics, and API access. Brandwatch is a powerful analytics and social listening tool that offers a comprehensive analysis of people who are mentioning your business, their gender, and their current location. This software covers social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Sina Weibo, Twitter, and QQ.

Review Push

Review push is an online management reputation software that collects all your online reviews in one place. For business owners who have firms with branches in different areas, Review push can compare how your stores rank against each other.

When your business receives a new review, Push sends you an e-mail notification to respond quickly.


These 11 powerful online management and reputation software will help fix your business’ online reputation. Online reputation is undeniably essential for any business or brand owner. When a user searches your name in a search engine, the image portrayed can either do harm or right to your brand.

That’s why you need to keep your online management tools as close as possible. If you have a monitoring dashboard, it is vital to keep a close check on your online reputation activity.

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