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The Most Important Metrics That Matter for Your App

    The Most Important Metrics That Matter for Your App

    The mobile app market is massive as there are millions and millions of apps, with more being created every day. While this is great for users of apps, it means that most companies or individuals who create apps have a lot of competition. So how can you ensure your apps stacks up well against the rest?

    Well, things such as marketing correctly and managing your security and logs (learn more here: AWS Elastic Beanstalk – Papertrail log management) are important to your success, but arguably the most important way to find out and judge the success and viability of your app is by looking at metrics and analytics.

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    Session Length

    This metric looks at the time between when someone opens your app and when they close it. This metric can tell you how long someone is spending on your app, which could help decipher their behavior as well. Session length is also something that potential advertisers will look at, so you should aim to have people spend as long as possible on your app.

    Now, session length is impacted by a lot of things. Slow load times, bad design or limited content can all be reasons why people don’t stay on your app for longer than a few seconds. As a result, you should ensure you have designed the app well and use a solid hosting service (such as to ensure it loads as quickly as possible.

    User Retention Rates

    While you might get a decent amount of downloads, a single download isn’t that valuable; it is all about retaining those users past their initial visit. Many users will abandon an app after only a single use, and it is up to you to try to keep them around.

    Retention Rate Mobile App Metric

    Having high retention means you are establishing a dedicated audience who are sticking around and are interested in what’s next. If you have a low retention rate, you should take stock of the contents of your app and see what you can improve on, and what could potentially be driving people away.

    Number of Active Users

    While some app developers will look at total users, that often isn’t too trustworthy of a metric to use when making big decisions. Instead, you should try to look at how many active users your app currently has.

    Many people download an app and use it once (as mentioned before), so it is more valuable to focus on the number of people repeatedly using the app.

    There are different types of active users. You can have monthly active users, daily active users or weekly active users. Those who use it more are likely more engaged and interested, and your goal should be to convert every visitor into an active user.

    Revenue Per User

    While some app developers release an app with no plans to monetize it, most apps exist in order to make money directly or indirectly. However, there are seemingly a million and one different ways to monetize your app. In order to choose the right one, you should look at your revenue per user metric.

    Revenue Per User Mobile App Metric

    This will tell you how much each user is adding to your overall revenue, and this could help you choose which monetization strategy to use. Of course, this metric is easy to discover as you just need to add up the revenue you’ve made and divide by the number of users.

    In conclusion, make sure your app is successful and profitable by tracking and analyzing these important metrics we have mentioned in this article.

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