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WordPress 5.5 introduced a new feature that allows you to set some plugins to automatically update. For a security plugin this is essential as each release can contain security fixes, improvements to the protection of your website as well as many more.

We recommend you enable auto-updating for Security Ninja. With this enabled your WordPress website will check a few times a day for any updates and automatically update.

How to enable auto-updates for Security Ninja

There are three ways to enable automatic background updates.

1 – The install wizard

Use the installation wizard to get up and running with basic security measures for your website, this includes enabling automatic plugin updates for Security Ninja. If you have used

2 – Let the plugin enable it for you

The plugin will show a notice (every 30 days) asking you to enable auto-updates.

Enable auto-updates notice
Enable auto-updates notice for Security Ninja

The notice is shown every 30 days, so if you dismiss the notice, you can also enable updates manually in WordPress.

3 – Enable updates manually

Go to the Plugins page and scroll down the list of plugins until you find the Security Ninja. To the right of the plugin should be a little link to “Enable auto-updates”.

Enable auto-updates

If this is not visible, you are running an older version of WordPress or your webhost has disabled this feature.

How to disable auto-updates

If you want to disable the auto-update again you can go to the Plugins page, and on the list of enabled plugins click the “Disable auto-updates” link.

Disable auto-updates


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