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WordPress 5.5 introduced a new feature that allows you to set some plugins to automatically update. For a security plugin this is essential as each release can contain security fixes, improvements to the protection of your website as well as many more.

We recommend you enable auto-updating for Security Ninja. With this enabled your WordPress website will check a few times a day for any updates and automatically update.

How to enable auto-updates for Security Ninja

There are two ways to enable automatic background updates.

1 – Let the plugin enable it for you

The plugin will show a notice (every 30 days) asking you to enable auto-updates.

Enable auto-updates notice
Enable auto-updates notice for Security Ninja


The notice is shown every 30 days, so if you dismiss the notice, you can also enable updates manually in WordPress.

2 – Enable updates manually

Go to the Plugins page and scroll down the list of plugins until you find the Security Ninja. To the right of the plugin should be a little link to “Enable auto-updates”.

Enable auto-updates

If this is not visible, you are running an older version of WordPress or your webhost has disabled this feature.

How to disable auto-updates

If you want to disable the auto-update again you can go to the Plugins page, and on the list of enabled plugins click the “Disable auto-updates” link.

Disable auto-updates


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