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Add way to revert changes

“Can you please add a way of reverting any fixes that we apply (maybe somehow it takes a backup of the original files and if needed it coud just add them back again).” Suggested by Jay

0 votes

Slack Notifications

“Hope Slack Notification support beside email notification that is not reliable sometimes (my clients maybe not install SMTP plugin for example). And better have a lock slack channel to prevent the clients mess it accidentally.” Suggest by Cuong

0 votes

Cookie Cross-site of 3rd party check

“Chrome Browser version 80 will force any 3rd Javascript to embed to the site has set `SameSite=None` and `Secure`. I hope Security Ninja can notice my clients about it as well.” Suggestion by Cuong – https://secure.helpscout.net/conversation/1003665194/1073/

0 votes

Is server running MariaDB

Check to see if server is running MariaDB in lieu of MySQL (i.e., don’t flag for being on MySQL 5.5 if MariaDB is at 10.4) From Courtney G.

0 votes

Is server running NGINX

Check if NGINX is used, and if so, offer NGINX conf and not Apache .htaccess solutions (even if those can’t be auto-fixed) From Courtney G.

2 votes

Scan for external jQuery libraries

Find outdated jQuery libraries. “Detect plugin and theme has outdate jQuery library” – Suggestion from Cuong.

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