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1 vote

Google reCapcha v3 for login form

“I see this feature all security plugin and think it is reasonable to have it. I think it will be better if Security Ninja also has it.” Suggestion by Cuong

0 votes

Schedule malware scans

Add scheduled malware scans with reports by email. Suggested by Mulyadi.

1 vote

Check emails and password haveibeenpwned

Use the haveibeenpwned.com API to check the user emails and/or passwords have not been part of a breach. Note: This will require setting up an intermediary API endpoint, since not possible to hide the HIBP key in the plugin. ref: https://www.troyhunt.com/authentication-and-the-have-i-been-pwned-api/

1 vote

Hide WP completely

Make it impossible to detect your website is running WordPress at all. By Jay.


Protect your WordPress website

Keep your website safe & prevent downtime due to security issues.

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