The Pros and Cons of Making a Blog on WordPress: Is It Secure at All

The Pros and Cons of Making a Blog on WordPress: Is It Secure at All

Are you nervous about starting your new blog? Well, you are not alone. Starting a new blog can be a terrifying undertaking, especially if you have no idea how to proceed. Over the years, WordPress has grown in popularity as a reliable content management system for bloggers. The process of starting a blog on WordPress is quite simple and should not cause any problems.

If you face any issues, do not hesitate to seek assistance. Assistance in blogging could also be needed in writing the actual contents of your blog. This form of assistance can come from an essay writing service. However, is it better than other platforms?

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What is Needed to Start a Blog on WordPress?


Starting a blog on WordPress is relatively easy, requiring only three simple steps:

  • Have a domain name idea, which will serve as the name of your blog.
  • Create a web hosting account. The web hosting account is where your blog resides on the internet.
  • Download and install WordPress. There are even tutorials to help you through this simple process.

Why Choose WordPress?

Wordpress Interface

The main advantage of using WordPress for your blog is the fact that your blog will be self-hosted with your domain name. Other types of a blog like Tumblr and Facebook are owned by someone else, and you would be required to meet their ‘terms and conditions’ to continue using your blog. These other sites are like rentals under someone else’s control. WordPress allows you to build an online asset that you completely own and control, and which is very flexible and customizable. Other pros of using WordPress include:


One of the main advantages of WordPress for blogging is the fact that it is open source. This means that users can freely change and distribute code without being concerned with licensing fees. The open source attribute grants you some freedoms that cannot be possible with closed-source software.

Easy to Use

Ease-of-use is another significant benefit of the WordPress. There is no special training for developers needed to install and use the WordPress plugin. Also, most of the themes that come with WordPress are integrated to allow them to work even on mobile devices.

Low Cost

The low cost of starting a blog on WordPress is particularly welcome by beginners. If you are working on a low budget, WordPress is an ideal option as it is completely free to install. It also comes with numerous free themes that you could use.

Wordpress Themes

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

Search engine optimization is critical for your blog’s sustainability if you intend to attract more readers. However, SEO can be quite complex for new bloggers. Fortunately, WordPress sites tend to address search engine optimization issues automatically, and they are easily crawlable by search engines. Also, the plugins for WordPress are created with simplicity in mind, besides serving SEO purposes. For those who have problems with meta descriptions and meta tags, the good news is that WordPress makes these tags easy to comprehend and use.

Cons of Using WordPress

While WordPress comes with various advantages for bloggers, some specific concerns have been raised in the past, including:

Limited permissions

One important shortcoming of using WordPress relates to permissions. Unlike other systems for content management, WordPress does not give users the ability to create groups and offer permissions to other people. In other words, it is not possible to regulate which other individuals can edit your blog.

Constant updating is required

A major flaw with WordPress is the need for continuous updates. Not that you will need to update every day, but a lot. Be ready to update your main WordPress files, themes, or plugins at least several times each month. In case you run into problems, you may have to roll back WordPress to a previous state. Also, read why old, outdated and unmaintained plugins are dangerous.

Security Flaws

Another drawback with WordPress relates to the potential for hacks. Given its popularity and the fact that many of the sites and blogs are self-hosted, it is attractive to hackers. Installing malware on your WordPress site is possible.

Third-Party Content

Although most of the plugins that come with WordPress are created by professional developers, not all of them are of good quality. In some instances, this can be harmful to your blog or site. Furthermore, it is possible for the code in the themes or plugins to conflict with others. This problem is not limited to WordPress and can occur on any platform.

Is WordPress Secure for Blogging?

Wordpress Security_1

Let us return to the question of whether WordPress is secure for blogging or not. The issue of WordPress security is a complicated one. Although it is safe enough as a platform for roughly a quarter of all websites across the world that prefers to use WordPress, it has some considerable flaws.

The first question that needs addressing is whose responsibility it is to keep WordPress secure. Indeed, some of that responsibility falls on your shoulder as the user. For this reason, it helps to abide by the security best practices for WordPress blogging.

WordPress developers work tirelessly to continually update the security status of the platform to reduce vulnerability. In fact, other platforms are not any better regarding security. WordPress has more three-quarters of the market share. While there are those, who may find it justified to pay extra for the services of such platforms as Squarespace, although having additional features does not necessarily mean added security. In any case, no popular blogging platform can compare to an upgraded WordPress in regards to security.

Despite its drawbacks, WordPress is a good platform for blogging and offers extensive flexibility in one free and compact package.

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