Common Security Threats Your WordPress Site Faces

While WordPress is the most popular website platform in the world, it does face a number of common security threats. Understanding these threats is the first step in protecting your website and your data.

Hack Into a WordPress Website

Signs your WordPress website is hacked

Website hacks are sometimes challenging to detect – any malicious scripts try to hide themselves to prevent detection and stay as long as possible on your website.

Top Tips for Protecting Customer Data

As the owner of a business, one of the most important priorities you have is ensuring the protection of your customers’ data and private information.

WordPress 4.9.5: A Security and Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.9.5: A Security and Maintenance Release

Recently, WordPress has introduced its new version “WordPress 4.9.6” which is a privacy and maintenance release. Shortly before, Wordpress launched a version which is security and maintenance release, “WordPress 4.9.5”.