What Your Website Says About Your Business

What Your Website Says About Your Business

Your website is usually the first thing potential clients see when they look up your business. Much like your appearance during a job interview, it serves as a first impression — and, like it or not, people form snap judgments. Thankfully, you can work that to your advantage by creating a beautiful, functional site that lets people know you’re a professional.

Look closely at these areas of your website:

1. Spelling and Grammar

Depending on the type of business you own, high-quality writing may be critical or simply a professional touch. For example, website visitors might be willing to forgive a few typos if you run a beloved mom-and-pop restaurant in a small town. After all, many of your customers already know you personally.

However, if your WordPress site is the central hub for your freelance editing business, potential clients will look elsewhere if you don’t use clear, polished writing. No matter what type of operation you run, hiring someone to clean up your text is a good idea. Even professionals need editors.

2. Loading Speed

The faster your website loads, the more likely people will stay on the page. A 2017 study by Google found that as page loading speed went from one second to three, there was a 32% increase in bounce rates.

Fast page loading speed sends a clear message — you’ve put effort into your website, and you probably do the same with your products and services. Improve time to first byte by optimizing images, using a fast hosting provider and caching pages to reduce bandwidth usage.

3. Appearance

Some business owners have never updated their websites since they were first created years ago, and it shows. Does your site look trustworthy, or is it covered in spammy links and calls to action in every available space?

Clashing colors and comic sans aren’t just outdated — they warn users that your site may not be secure. That’s because older websites often have fewer safety features. For example, flash animations could imply that your site suffers from the same vulnerabilities that ultimately led Adobe to retire Flash in 2020.

Make sure your website is modern and easy on the eyes. When it comes to images, GIFs and color schemes, less is more.

WP Security Ninja - Two-Factor Authentication

4. Two-Factor Authentication

Over 60% of all data breaches originate from unauthorized access by a third-party supplier or employee, often by accident. Can customers create an account on your website? If so, consider adding two-step verification as part of the login process. It protects your site against hacking and sends a clear message about cybersecurity — you take people’s privacy seriously and your customers can trust you.

5. Accessibility

Some customers may have physical disabilities or barriers to interacting with your site. Show you’re inclusive of all website visitors by focusing on accessibility.

First, choose an accessible WordPress theme; some examples include Icelander, Monument Valley or Cindy. Keep color in mind as you build your site. People with color blindness may struggle to read red or green text, while users with learning disabilities might benefit if you use different hues to organize your site. Satisfy both groups by using visual indicators — like asterisks, borders or white spaces — along with different shades.

Some of your site visitors might use a screen reader. Ensure your images are labeled with the proper alt text and create fillable forms so a screen reader can navigate them.

6. Mobile Friendliness

As of 2022, nearly 60% of internet users access websites through mobile devices. That’s most of your customers. Therefore, you must optimize your site for mobile.

If your website’s content fits on the screen, loads quickly and doesn’t include pop-ups people can’t close, it shows you’ve done research into your client base. A mobile-friendly site indicates that your business is flexible and keeps up with current trends.

7. Reviews and Testimonials

Displaying customer reviews says a lot about your business. Client feedback helps build trust in your products and services, letting people know you’re trustworthy. It can also help your site rank higher on Google.

Feature your most positive, glowing testimonials on their own page or in a dedicated section on the landing page. If your business consistently gets five-star ratings, allow site visitors to see all your reviews in real time as people post them.

Even if you get a bad review here and there, how you respond to the comment tells customers a lot. They can see you’re patient, understanding and apologetic for any less-than-stellar experiences people may have. It can even turn a negative review into a positive one.

Let Your Site Speak for Itself

No matter what type of business you own, your website serves as an elevator pitch for why people should trust your brand. Something as simple as color choices and loading speed can convert visitors. Making a few updates ensures your WordPress site has a strong chance of attracting visitors and building a loyal customer base.

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