47 WordPress Statistics We Bet You Didn’t Know in 2020

It’s without a shadow of a doubt that WordPress is a major deal in the CMS and website building world. According to the latest WordPress statistics by UK Web Host Review, over 27 million live websites are powered by WordPress. Whilst it’s obvious that WordPress is extremely popular, do you know why it’s so popular?

Well, first things first, WordPress is downright awesome to use. Its capabilities extend far beyond just building a website. With thousands and thousands of themes and plugins, both free and paid, WordPress’s functionality and flexibility are almost endless. From simple blogs to enterprise level eCommerce stores, you can create anything you like with WordPress’s platform.

In the last 10 years, WordPress has come on leaps and bounds, with exponential growth. WordPress now powers over 35% of all websites, globally. What once used to be a small blogging platform is now a giant, holding a majority market share of the CMS world.

Developers and designers around the world have joined forces to create a spectacular WordPress community, offering a diverse choice of options that individuals can leverage, like eCommerce plugins, shopping carts, responsive themes, and lots more. It’s now possible for novices and complete beginners to take WordPress’ platform and make their own fully functioning websites.

Are you ready to learn more about WordPress to further your own knowledge? These statistics can help you and your business leverage WordPress to its full extent, allowing you to create a unique and successful website on the world’s largest CMS platform.

The following infographic is from our friends at UKWebHostReview – Thanks for letting us use it here 🙂

47 WordPress Statistics We Bet You Didn’t Know in 2020 - An Infographic from UKWebHostReview

Embedded from UKWebHostReview

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