Security Ninja Pro nulled

We understand it is tempting to save money, but downloading a hacked copy of a security plugin is not a good way to do it.

These versions are usually outdated versions of the plugin that have been modified to include a backdoor meaning a way for hackers to easily access your website and control it.

We have monitored a rise of more and more places online where you can download the pro version of Security Ninja for free - in a so-called "nulled" or hacked version.

Downloading a hacked or "free" version of a premium security plugin is even worse because it gives a false sense of security in that the plugin is going to protect your website, whereas it will actually make it even easier for hackers to enter your website.


Most likely infected with virus

The software you download is crippled to not connect with our license and update servers and it will also most likely have a virus or other kind of malware included.

Using pirated software you always run the risk of having

Having a license and downloading from our official servers gives you the security that no malware has been installed.

No support for nulled plugins

We also don't support any nulled plugins, so if you reach out to our support team with a hacked plugin we will most likely try to help you but also ask you to buy a license to support us, not the hackers.

If you are unable to pay the full price for the plugin, just reach out to us and ask for a discount - We will be happy to help you out and give you a nice price if you can tell us why you cannot pay the cost. We want to help and we want to improve security in general on the internet.

Speaking of discount, you can also regularly find great discounts on Security Ninja - saving you money and frustration that you would otherwise have to deal with.

No updates for hacked plugins

With a hacked plugin you also have the problem that you will not get updates. These updates are a part of what you pay for and these updates either adds new features or fixes bugs.

The people that have made the hacked copy you want to download will have made sure to remove that functionality - Otherwise, their "backdoor" into your website will get erased with the new updated version.

Protection for less than a cup a day

At the current price of $39.99 per year (not including seasonal discounts and coupon codes) you pay $3.3 per month or just under $0.11 per day for a full year.

This includes updates to the plugin, improvements to the features and access to support from the developers of the plugin.


The nulled WordPress themes usually have additional code added or modified, either giving the owner where you downloaded it from backdoor access to your website or having malware included. The money saved is not worth it in the end, costing more in time and effort to clean up.

Many hacked plugins downloaded from other websites are usually infected with viruses, malware, or even a backdoor to get access to your website. Furthermore, the nulled plugins block access to updates and new features and support from the original developers. It is not worth the money to subject yourself to more hassle.

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