WP Security Ninja Public Roadmap

Hey everyone! Welcome to where you can help shape the plugin. We want you to have the ability to drive the development of this plugin and see where it’s headed. Here you can add suggestions for new features.

If you have a bug or a problem using the plugin, please visit https://wpsecurityninja.com/help/

How does it work?

We have a list of feature suggestions that have been added here – wpsecurityninja.com/feature-requests/ – Go vote for the features you would like to see added to the plugin or submit your own.


If we see something that we like and can contribute to our main mission, without creating too many niche features, or if a ticket has a nice amount of upvotes, we will add it to the “Planned” list for scheduling for development.

Coming Up

These are features that are now scheduled OR waiting to be scheduled soon OR will be built as part of another feature that is already In Progress.

In Progress

We’ll start working on the features one by one (sometimes more at a time).
We still give priority to bug fixes, security, and compatibility issues which will probably delay some features as needed.


We schedule future updates to give ourselves some deadlines, but like with any development, there might be a delay (usually by only days, if any).
And BOOM you got yourself a new feature!
Now it’s your turn!
Have a look around and sprinkle some upvotes ❤🙏

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