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5 Common WordPress Security Issues and How to Fix Them

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If you own a website that is powered by WordPress, then you must be concerned about possible WordPress security issues and vulnerabilities. The WordPress websites are susceptible to severe security issues and attacks. If the sites are hacked, they not only cost the owner regarding reinstating the system back to normal but also ruin search… Read More

How to Hack Into a WordPress Website, The Complete Guide

Published on by ; modified on April 17, 2018

Hacking is illegal. We do not promote or encourage illegal hacking. This article solely aims at explaining how to regain access to your WordPress account, to which you have the right to edit, access and administrate, in the event, you lose access. We do not take responsibility for your actions, and this article is purely for… Read More

Top 10 Modern Web Security Blogs

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Have you ever thought about how scary it is that any person on the planet can practically get any information on you, your family members or your business and you’ll have no idea? What is more, you won’t be able to do anything about it. This age of information technologies we live in has a… Read More

How to Replace or Rename Your WP-Content Folder

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WordPress has slowly become one of the most used CMS over the internet. The downside of that is most of the sites on the web follows the same structure, and one loophole can expose all those sites to a security threat. Every webmaster should take some actions to make sure that their site is secure…. Read More

The Importance of Cyber Security in Digital Marketing

Published on by ; modified on March 16, 2018

Every online enterprise has to contend with the possibility of a security breach somewhere down the line, and this includes businesses specializing in digital marketing. Individuals working in marketing positions are often privy to sensitive information which companies don’t wish to share with the general public, so it is imperative that they uphold some safety… Read More