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anjinese Avatar
- WordPress
This plugin is amazing it saves an immense amount of time being able to update large amounts of data in one go. I use it on every site I work on. I would absolutely recommend this plugin for anyone adding products to a website. You can download and edit directly into excel too! Great!!
jacob123123 Avatar
- WordPress
Hours and hours spent trying to get this plugin to work, I tried it in 3 websites and never worked.I’d give it less than 1 star if possible.
webplex Avatar
- WordPress
We are using many quiz plugins for our network of websites for the last 17 years. This plugin is by far the most useful quiz plugin we have ever used. It has lots of options to customize the plugin for your need.
leosolutions Avatar
- WordPress
We are using it since a couple of months and it completely changed our game. We were previously using Bugherd, but Gleap is way more better. Full of awesome features. Support is ridiculously fast and helpful. I can see that Lukas just want to create the perfect tool. Thank you!
soulolution Avatar
- WordPress
Thank you for providing this PlugIn. It was so easy to set up and does an amazing job. Thanx
happyharris Avatar
- WordPress
Excellent! Does exactly what it says on the tin!
canhchuacaloc Avatar
- WordPress
Need update to add no-follow link
Apollo139 Avatar
- WordPress
Easy, simple, customizable
mkarena Avatar
- WordPress
This plugin does what its suppoed to do and is easy to use
arabnas Avatar
- WordPress
Thank you for this classic function completes the post pages.
Abhay Avatar
- WordPress
Not Supporting php 8 there is lots of error.
lennox2017 Avatar
- WordPress
works good!
Luís José Branco Pinheiro Avatar
Luís J.
- WordPress
It works very well, easyto configure and translate
kritchy Avatar
- WordPress
A great tool allowing me to easily track changes I made on my wordpress web site.
Recruitment Avatar
- WordPress
The support team is among the best I’ve dealt with, a very high level of skill and professionalism. The plug in has all the functionality of far more expensive e-sign products
Robert Browder Avatar
Robert B.
- WordPress
Works great for me! Thanks a ton : )
jkpctech911 Avatar
- WordPress
Par Excellent and impressive innovative
moviflorin Avatar
- WordPress
Great theme and excellent support!
maplespaceinc Avatar
- WordPress
Cartflows is fantastic, and their support team is very knowledgeable as well.
rockthan Avatar
- WordPress
I rarely review on but this plugin made my day. So, That’s why I give 5* here!
jrostinmagnin Avatar
- WordPress
Resolves problem with log visitors very useful
Walid Avatar
- WordPress
I was looking for a good alternative to elementor. You guys nailed it.
Thank you.
cpepegrano Avatar
- WordPress
If you need to AB Test pages “quick and dirty” but reliable at the same time this tool is really dope. Also the support is really fast and very helpful!
pkbelgium Avatar
- WordPress
Fonctionne parfaitement.
frankwedding Avatar
- WordPress
Great plugin and support. I can just recommend this plugin!
gabrielbaute Avatar
- WordPress
Excelente, cumple con lo que necesitas, tenemos ya un año entero usándolo y nunca ha reportado un solo incidente!…
Jan Avatar
- WordPress
Nice Plugin
jaddison72 Avatar
- WordPress
Hundreds of elements to make your site shine! Awesome support too!
samthambu Avatar
- WordPress
Good stuff free
renatofb Avatar
- WordPress
It works very well, and it is extremely efficient.
Jean-Claude R.
I got the explanations for 2 problems openned. It helps to understand the process. I am waiting for 1 resolution.
prakash_bm Avatar
- WordPress
Easy and safe plugin
magasintipirate Avatar
- WordPress
perfect and easy to use
salvioeboli Avatar
- WordPress
Very good plugin
lop74 Avatar
- WordPress
Excelente plugin. Hace su trabajo sin ser intrusivo. Te olvidas de que está mientras hace perfectamente su función.
miguelgamat Avatar
- WordPress
I have a large ecommerce with more than 40k products, I’ve tried several plugins, and this is the one that works the best for my website. It’s very fast compared to others and has excellent support. I’ve had the plugin for more than 2 years and am still happy.
MarcelC Avatar
- WordPress
already for years they created nice functionality … if it works and that last one is lacking because of really bad code quality, too complex and not flexible.
divy39993 Avatar
- WordPress
It doesn’t work, when you put a word or a phrase to block for input fields, it’s still submits the form regardless, it works for word and email id.
Eugene Feklistowski Avatar
Eugene F.
- WordPress
Плагин работает стабильно на больших объемах медиафайлов (более 10000 элементов).
alexandrasa Avatar
- WordPress
The best plugin I’ve tried. It is very complete, due to the options offered by the pro version and the good support it has.
grahammiranda13work Avatar
- WordPress
Works perfect. I cannot wait for future developments. For wordpress 6.1.1. I use it with X3P0 Legacy Widget
didierott Avatar
- WordPress
Très bien, continuez
nerocultures Avatar
- WordPress
Plugin works perfectly and any slight changes that you would like to make can be resolved by contacting there support team. Awesome!
hutwilek Avatar
- WordPress
I uused the single version and upgraded to medium version. Support is very fast. The plugin works very well. I love it
icarocigas Avatar
- WordPress
Excelente ferramenta, fácil de usar, prática e que deixará seu WordPress muito melhor!
jlfarmiger Avatar
- WordPress
I’m very happy to have found this template ! Always a pleasure to exchange with the team.
ivan_revz Avatar
- WordPress
All my questions are being answered by their support team, I am very happy that they are helping their customers. The theme is nice too.
james030 Avatar
- WordPress
Very useful!
Stefan H.
I'm a WordPress Rookie and had some security issues as well as a problem with the behavior of WP Security Ninja on my mobile phone.
So reached out for support via email all my questions where answered fast and very competent. The contact was very helpful for me, I'll don't want to miss that feeling not to be alone with security trouble.
Many thanks to the WP Security Ninja Team
komiklokal Avatar
- WordPress
I use ninja, and all my problems were solved
tartempion Avatar
- WordPress
very good, easy and beautiful
velez322 Avatar
- WordPress
Funciona muy bien hasta que al man le da por actualizarlo y ahí se desconfigura todo y hay que volver a setearlo -.-
torsten3d Avatar
- WordPress
Very well made, structured, with a good and practical layout and doesn’t let miss anything for a very very reasonable price. Happy that i found this gem. 🙂
mateus8 Avatar
- WordPress
Great product and support. Developer is quick with responses. Product has a ton of features out of the box. Note, if you are outside of Africa you might want to note that creating a paypal virtual card was my workaround for paying, if you run into problems. Other than that, great service and product.
fernandofmcsoftware Avatar
- WordPress
Funciona muy bien. Muchas gracias.
Julien ALIBERT Avatar
Julien A.
- WordPress
GeneratePress est rapide, léger et suffisamment bien pensé pour évoluer encore quelques années sans devenir une usine à gaz comme ses concurrents.
jonasbal1999 Avatar
- WordPress
Great plugin and the only one that works for me <3
naushad786 Avatar
- WordPress
I have started using this plugin, and it seems to be very helpful. I had some issue initially however, after reporting the issue to support it was resolved.
normanik Avatar
- WordPress
Very very nice app 🙂
Ultra-B Avatar
- WordPress
Great plug-in
kayasandikodasi Avatar
- WordPress
krisric345 Avatar
- WordPress
Amazing plugin – works beautifully! Excited to see how they continue to grow!!
neilson248 Avatar
- WordPress
Beautiful, sleek and functional.
schred Avatar
- WordPress
Super ituitive and does the trick !
fouzi78 Avatar
- WordPress
Tout l’essentiel pour booster votre site en SEO !!! Ce plugin m’évite clairement d’installer une multitudes de plugins avec chacun sa fonction.
тц Avatar
- WordPress
просто не генерит новый фид, кэша нет
patrickvieljeux Avatar
- WordPress
very good tool. simple and efficient. justwhat i needed.
Great tool & plugin I’ve been using this plugin for some years now – it’s simply excellent 🙂
helmuthm Avatar
- WordPress
I’ve been using this plugin for some years now – it’s simply excellent 🙂
Remi G.
You are one of the best plugin service I have come across, efficient, fast and accommodating that's awesome.
Excelente pugin. Tenho utilizado bastante.
Great plugin For me this plugin does what it is supposed to do. Really helps me keep my WordPress safe and up-to-date.
Jeroen Avatar
- WordPress
For me this plugin does what it is supposed to do. Really helps me keep my WordPress safe and up-to-date.
simonlissner Avatar
- WordPress
for Your, all well done.
maslk Avatar
- WordPress
Not had an issue since installing
Excellent support team- very responsive.
Ivica Delic Avatar
Ivica D.
Not only the plugin is of high quality… … but Support is even much better! Namely, I had one license issue/question which I was pretty sure it won’t be possible solving it. But Support did all in their powers (and more!) to solve our request, and at the end – they really did it (and it was also during the weekend). Amazing!
Ivica Delic Avatar
Ivica D.
- WordPress
… but Support is even much better! Namely, I had one license issue/question which I was pretty sure it won’t be possible solving it. But Support did all in their powers (and more!) to solve our request, and at the end – they really did it (and it was also during the weekend). Amazing!
Great tool Thanks
pkanda Avatar
- WordPress
suwarrow9 Avatar
- WordPress
Security Ninja is been completely hassle-free, which is something I can’t say for every other security plugin I’ve tried so far. Security Ninja is fast, non-intrusive, extensive and the pricing model is unbeatable.
Eric O.
WP Security Ninja is been completely hassle-free, which is something I can't say for every other security plugin I've tried so far. Security Ninja is fast, non-intrusive and extensive and the pricing model is unbeatable.

I also have to say that customer support is also the best that I have ever encountered with any security/any other plugin. You and your team provided me with excellent service and answered all my questions.
syssy Avatar
- WordPress
Very helpful!
Micha Avatar
- WordPress
The security check contains a lot of hardening and permission checks, many that I never thought of. Many may be ignored or cannot be easily fixed at a running WordPress instance, but it’s good to read about those possibilities for the last bit of security, to apply for new WordPress instances right from the start.
wpkiller Avatar
- WordPress
I moved from Wordfence to Security Ninja, due to one feature – it doesn’t make me add my email in order to use it.
As I’m installing a security plugin to the sites I build to customers – I had enough of emails from sites I’m no longer maintaining or from questions by ex-customers asking what Wordfence is telling them in the emails it sends them.
So with Security Ninja I don’t get any emails and the responsibility is totaly on the site owner.
Benjamin Van Dessel Avatar
Benjamin V.
Special features SN is maybe not the most downloaded security plugin on Wordpress, but it has some nifty features: so, if you have just a local business, you can eliminate all countries that will actually not do business with you. This takes a great part on being 'safe'. NS also goes a little bit deeper in protecting your core WP code. For most part, it takes you by hand doing the changes, or it fixes itself where it’s possible. Ideal for the developers who have little understanding of the core wp-files. We install it directly after a new WP installation for our clients. Support is not ’super-fast’, but sure, you get your answers. Recommended!
Plain easy and works well Works as expected, thank you!
floh79 Avatar
- WordPress
Works as expected, thank you!
ande83 Avatar
Good and easy plugin to use Good and easy plugin to use.
Boat Drinks Avatar
Boat D.
Security Ninja Had many websites – had many hacked – have one website – not hacked.

Proof. Security Ninja Works. <- that’s a period 🙂
Boat Drinks Avatar
Boat D.
- WordPress
Had many websites – had many hacked – have one website – not hacked.
ap6y3jimm Avatar
The best I could find for protection WP Very effective protection. I tried different others like Wordfence, but settled on Security Ninja this is my choice has been working stably for several months. And I can see from the logs how he is waging a quiet war with attacks. A good balance between functionality and management.
mczeisel Avatar
- WordPress
A lot of security tests, malware scanner and configurable firewall. Security-ninja provides comprehensive tools for a secure website and is easy to use. Great!
cord2 Avatar
- WordPress
I’ve been really happy with the performance of Security Ninja. It was definitely with the money. Thanks!
Very useful Very useful helps identify all issues
McBurn Avatar
- WordPress
Great! Keep up the good work!
sundstedt Avatar
- WordPress
Very good.
tom coady Avatar
tom c.
- WordPress
While it’s impossible to disagree with the recommendations this plugin offers it’s also difficult to understand why these corrections aren’t adopted by the core distribution.
solobonito Avatar
- WordPress
Very helpful and easy

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