Events Logger Module

Keep an activity log of important events on your website

Track suspicious activity in your administration and determine who did what

Monitor everything that happens on your WordPress site!

Sometimes it is nice to know what is going on and who changed what.

The Events Logger allows you to log the events you care about.

Spot suspicious behavior to help locate security problems.

  • Monitor, track and log more than 50 events on the site in great detail
  • Know what happened on the site at any time, in the admin and on the frontend
  • Prevent "I didn't do it" conversations with clients - Events Logger doesn't forget or lie
  • Easily filter trough events
  • Know exactly when and how an action happened, and who did it
  • Receive email alerts for selected groups of events
  • Events are logged for following modules:
    • Comments - add, edit, trash, spam, approve, ...
    • File editor - which file was edited in a plugin/theme
    • Installer - updates for core, plugins and themes; activation for themes/plugins
    • Media - add, remove, edit, ...
    • Menus - add, remove, edit, ...
    • Posts - for all post types; add, remove, edit, status change, ...
    • Security Ninja - basic scans, core scans, scheduled scans
    • Settings - any change for core and plugin/theme settings
    • Taxonomies - for all taxonomies; add, edit, remove, ...
    • Users - login, logout, register, edit, remove, role change, ...
    • Widgets - add, edit, remove, reorganize, ...
  • Each logged event has the following details:
    • Date and time
    • Event description (ie: "Search widget was added to Primary sidebar." or "Failed login attempt with username admin.")
    • Username and role of user who did the action
    • IP and user agent of the user
    • Module
    • WordPress action/filter
  • Complete integration with Security Ninja's easy-to-use GUI
  • Compatible with all themes and plugins.