Core Scanner Module

Scan your WordPress website core files for infections

Finds unknown files and detects modifications to the official WordPress files

Core Scanner is a module in Security Ninja PRO.

It compares all your core WordPress files (over 1,200) with the secure master copy maintained by

With one click you will know if even a byte was changed in any file. If so, you can imediatelly recover the original version.

Perfect for restoring hacked sites!

It is a big warning sign that your site has been hacked if your WordPress Core files have been modified.

With the Core Scanner module you can quickly scan for modified files and fix any problems.

Files are scanned and compared via the MD5 hashing algorithm to original WordPress core files available from

Note: Not every change on core files is malicious and changes can serve a legitimate purpose.

However if you are not a developer and you did not change the files yourself the changes most probably come from an exploit.

The WordPress community strongly advises that you never modify any WP core files!

  • Scan WP core files with one click
  • Quickly identify problematic files
  • Restore modified files with one click
  • Great for removing exploits and fixing accidental file edits/deletes
  • View files' source to take a closer look
  • Fix broken WP auto-updates
  • Detailed help and description
  • Color-coded results separate files into 5 categories:
    • files that are modified and should not have been
    • files that are missing and should not be
    • files that are modified and they are supposed to be
    • files that are missing but they are not vital to WP
    • files that are intact
  • Auto-updates keep the plugin up-to-date without the need to re-upload it
  • Easy-to-use GUI

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