MainWP Extension

Security Ninja for MainWP

- See vulnerabilites and security issues on all your MainWP Child Sites

The MainWP Dashboard allows administrators to manage many WordPress websites from a central location.

Install the free Security Ninja for MainWP Extension to get an overview of all websites you have installed Security Ninja on!

You only need to install the extension on your MainWP master site.

No need to install an extra plugin on all your child sites, the integration with MainWP is built into the main plugin.

MainWP and Security Ninja interface
MainWP Websites overview vulnerabilities

This MainWP Extension lets you quickly check if your websites have any known vulnerable plugins.

The extension warns you of any vulnerabilities on your website by checking a list of over 2700+ known vulnerabilities to plugins and themes.

This module is available to both Free and Pro users!

Going through the list of security issues is a good way to start protecting your website. Having an excellent security score does not keep your website safe, but it is a great starting point.

Going through the list can help you prevent many common security issues with fixes and solutions that are easy to implement.

Use this extension to get an overview of where you need to work on your website security.

There is more planned!

Coming Soon to Security Ninja for MainWP

  • Start tests remotely on child sites.

  • Update vulnerability list and any vulnerabilities on child sites.

  • Add security reports to send to clients.

  • Bulk settings configuration support.

Do you have any suggestions or features you want us to add to the extension? Please use our contact form here.

Easy and fast to get started

MainWP Child integration with Security Ninja

You do not need to install a separate plugin on your MainWP child sites - the integration is built directly into the free and premium versions of Security Ninja.

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