Security Ninja for MainWP

See vulnerabilites and security issues on all your MainWP Child Sites.

WP Security Ninja ♥ MainWP

The MainWP Dashboard is a powerful tool for administrators, offering the ability to oversee and manage a multitude of WordPress websites from one central hub.

By installing the free Security Ninja for MainWP Extension, you gain a comprehensive view of the security status across all your sites equipped with Security Ninja. This streamlined approach requires installation only on your MainWP master site, eliminating the need for additional plugins on your child sites.

Security Ninja Events log overview

With WP Security Ninja, the convenience of MainWP integration is built into both the free and pro versions of the plugin, eliminating the need for extra installations on each child site.

Combined Events Log Overview

Security Ninja MainWP overview

The MainWP extension simplifies monitoring by providing a combined overview of all your websites. It displays a synchronized log of every event from your sites, ensuring you're always up-to-date with the latest developments.

This feature allows for efficient tracking and management of your website activities, keeping your dashboard streamlined and focused.

Quick overview column

This intuitive feature offers a streamlined and efficient way to assess the security posture of your websites.

This immediate visibility allows you to gauge the overall health of your websites at a glance. Additionally, the column highlights any detected vulnerabilities, giving you the opportunity to quickly identify and address potential security risks.

MainWP column showing information

Enhanced Remote Control Capabilities

New Bulk Actions

With just a few clicks, you can remotely initiate comprehensive security tests across multiple sites.

Moreover, the extension allows you to update and address vulnerabilities efficiently.

This level of control extends beyond basic updates, offering a more effective and time-saving approach to managing your WordPress network. Embrace the power of the MainWP Extension.

This MainWP Extension lets you quickly check if your websites have any known vulnerable plugins.

The extension warns you of any vulnerabilities on your website by checking a list of over 2700+ known vulnerabilities to plugins and themes.

This module is available to both Free and Pro users!

Going through the list of security issues is a good way to start protecting your website. Having an excellent security score does not keep your website safe, but it is a great starting point.

Going through the list can help you prevent many common security issues with fixes and solutions that are easy to implement.

Use this extension to get an overview of where you need to work on your website security.

There is more planned!

Coming Soon to Security Ninja for MainWP

  • Start tests remotely on child sites.

  • Update vulnerability list and any vulnerabilities on child sites.

  • Add security reports to send to clients.

  • Control site settings remotely.

  • Bulk control sites settings remotely.

Do you have any suggestions or features you want us to add to the extension? Visit our roadmap and vote for existing ideas or submit your own.

What is MainWP?

Empower Your WordPress Management with MainWP

MainWP is a revolutionary tool designed for WordPress professionals and administrators who manage multiple WordPress sites.

It comprises two essential plugins: the MainWP Dashboard and MainWP Child.

The Dashboard plugin transforms a WordPress site into a central hub, allowing you to connect and control multiple independent WordPress sites, even those on different hosts and servers.

The Child plugin, installed on each WordPress site you wish to manage, enables secure communication and control from the MainWP Dashboard. This powerful combination streamlines WordPress management, far beyond just handling plugin and theme updates

Easy and fast to get started

MainWP Child integration with Security Ninja

You do not need to install a separate plugin on your MainWP child sites - the integration is built directly into the free and premium versions of Security Ninja.

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