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WordPress Security should be easy. Although a critical part for any website owner, many people do not use security software because it is too complicated to use.

This is where WP Security Ninja helps. The easy to use plugin offers robust protection and prevention methods. Set it and let it protect your website in the background while you focus on running your business.

Security Ninja comes with a firewall that protects against suspicious requests, blocks millions of known IPs, malware scanner, known vulnerabilities warnings, audit logger, scheduled scanning, and much more.

Loved by users and hated by hackers - Security Ninja has protected websites since 2011.


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Currently the following banners are available:

160x600, 250x250, 300x250 and 728x90. Both in two variations, gray and blue. All banners have a retina @2x version also, to keep your homepage look crisp πŸ™‚

Download all banners

The zip file contains all available banners. Both gray and blue variations are available and all banners come with a double size retina @2x version also.

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Grey and blue variation available.



Grey and blue variation available.



Grey and blue variation available.



Grey and blue variation available.


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