Database Optimizer module

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As you use WordPress and add more content to your site, it will inevitably lead to garbage data accumulation in your database. Extra database records won’t only slow your site down but they will also take up unnecessary space which will lead to higher hosting costs. Security Ninja’s Database Optimizer module will optimize your database and remove data that slows down your site and that you don’t need. Run 11 optimizations with a single click and make your site faster.

  • optimize database tables
  • remove all post revisions
  • remove all spam & trashed comments
  • remove all auto-draft & trashed posts
  • remove all unapproved comments
  • remove all expired transients
  • remove all pingbacks
  • remove all trackbacks
  • remove orphaned post meta data
  • remove orphaned comment meta data
  • remove orphaned relationship data

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Please make a backup of your database before performing any actions on it; with Security Ninja or any other plugin.