Best WordPress Plugins for Data Import/Export to Transfer Your Data Safely

Recently, a new debate has emerged regarding the importance of software technologies and the security of data. The concept has engulfed developers and designers, the verdict of the majority has led us to believe that due to the progress of software development, there will come a time when software will be relatively cheaper and be made more readily available. This has directly raised the questions about the vulnerability of the data present in this software.

WordPress users have emphasized the level of control an individual has over their data. This data is the center of all websites and the various programs.

[bctt tweet=”Although it has become easier to create and launch #sites, many #developers today struggle with the transfer or import/export of their #WordPress #data from one site to another.”]

Majority of the users have reported having lost their data when using multiple products. (For more information about quality themes and plugins, visit So, if you are unwilling to putting your data at risk, then select the most suitable plugin for your task from the list of WordPress Data Import/Export plugins from below.

Top WordPress Plugins for Data Import/Export

1. Product Import/Export for WooCommerce

Product Import/Export for WooCommerce

The plugin offers a simple solution when importing or exporting products from the store of Woo Commerce. Product Import Export plugin by XAdapter exports and imports products in CSV files & formats. This plugin is smart enough to export products in categories. While importing, the plugin maps the fields and changes the values. You can create tags, export prices, images and other detailed descriptions along with importing the products in the store.

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2. WP Migrate DB



WP Migrate DB is an exporter of the database for MySQL. It is efficient in finding and replacing URL’s, file paths, and saves the data in the computer, as an SQL file. A database management tool is required to import the SQL file to the database. The plugin suits the needs of developers in migrating their data from production servers. One outstanding quality of the plugin is that it serializes data and replaces them after carefully analyzing the data.

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3. Advanced Order Export for Woo Commerce



You can easily import WooCommerce order data with the plugin. For exports, choose from the custom fields for order, products & coupons. Further, you can also choose between the different formats including; CSV, XLS, XML, and JSON to export data. Major features of the plugin include renaming the labels, choosing the right fields, reordering the columns, applying powerful filters and much more.

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4. WP All Import



WP All Import is a user-friendly plugin that imports data and images with XML and CSV files. The drag and drop builder option enhances the mapping skills of users to direct them towards appropriate fields. The plugin is especially effective when dealing with large import databases by breaking down the files into smaller pieces. With the plugin, the process of importing data is simplified as WP All Import detects the fields used by other products (plugins & themes).

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5. WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro


WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro is a complete plugin that comes with a variety of options to import and save all your data to be upload on any WordPress site. Files can be imported from desktop, FTP or external URL or servers. Drag & drop option mapping makes it easier when importing or updating CSV files into fields. Probably the most beneficial feature of the plugin is that it can import data in other languages without changing the codes.

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6. WP All Export



The Plugin WP All Export simplifies the process of shifting (exporting) data and files. Drag & drop interface allows users to acquire files and transport them. With the WooCommerce plugin, files can be shifted/migrated to different (WooCommerce affiliated) fields. The data can further be customized into CSV or XML formats that can be arranged in orders as per requirement. One of the unique qualities of the plugin is that it can export all custom forms of data in WordPress. This data can also be imported back into WordPress.

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7. WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin

WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin

WordPress Users and WooCommerce Customers Import Export Plugin by WebToffee help to import and export users/customers from a WordPress/WooCommerce store. The users can be imported from a CSV file saved locally on a computer or on a remote FTP server. With the help of a CSV file a website owner can easily import or export users from a WordPress website, thus significantly reducing the effort in migrating a WordPress/WooCommerce website.

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8. WooCommerce Order Export – PRO


This is a simple to use plugin which makes it much easier to export orders from WooCommerce. These exports are highly customizable, which means that the user is able to include in the export only the data needed.

Moreover, the data within an export can be reordered, and as a result, you get an export with only the orders you want and arranged as you want.

The plugin is packed with the following features:

  • scheduled exports
  • deliver export via FTP
  • export orders in CSV format
  • deliver scheduled exports directly through email
  • export only new orders
  • filter the data to get only the data needed
  • technical support
  • copying exports between WooCommerce stores

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Final verdict

Your data is the central component of your business and website. As much important it is to save and preserve this data, transferring and safely importing or exporting this data is also a significant step to ensure the smooth running of the business.

The plugins mentioned above have been tried and tested by WordPress developers to guarantee users safer methods of shifting and moving the data. When it comes to backing up your site, please see how to backup WordPress database manually.

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