Get started with Security Ninja and MainWP

MainWP is a well-known and easy way to manage multiple WordPress websites. Security Ninja integrates with MainWP via a free plugin you need to install on your MainWP controller server.

Free MainWP is a fully functional GPL licensed WP sites manager plugin with free and premium extensions.

Unlimited websites You can manage any number of websites you want with MainWP.

Full control – You host MainWP on your server, giving you complete control over data and privacy.

Install Security Ninja for MainWP on your MainWP server

The first step is to install the Security Ninja MainWP plugin on your MainWP website.

You do NOT need to install any plugin on the websites you manage; the MainWP integration is built into the Security Ninja plugin.

Just make sure you have upgraded to at least version 5.139, where we introduced the basic integration.

  • Login to your WordPress site where MainWP Dashboard is installed
  • From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins page
  • Search for ‘Security Ninja for MainWP’
  • Install and activate the plugin

How to find Security Ninja for MainWP


How to use Security Ninja in MainWP

Once the plugin is installed, go to your MainWP dashboard and click Security Ninja in the side menu.

MainWP and Security Ninja interface
Initial interface of Security Ninja for MainWP

Your websites are detected automatically, and every time you reload the page, the list of sites is reloaded. The page loads fast no matter how many websites you have.

Data from each website loads via AJAX, so the interface is updated automatically with the results from each website.



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