How Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing Cyber Security

How Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence is currently the supreme influential technology development, which has made its mark on everything associated with the digital world.

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Hence, it is quite obvious that the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in cybersecurity has influenced both positively and negatively. It’s a hallucinogenic tool that works for security professionals and hackers equally, which has indisputably commenced a never-ending game of police and robber. This article is an attempt to provide you with discernment about how AI is making good guys win their battle against the bad guys. Need help in learning AI? Intellipaat offers an Artificial Intelligence Course taught by industry experts,

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Why is Cybersecurity not working up to the mark?

Cybersecurity is one of the most popular prevention methods of cyber-attacks. It is rapidly increasing among the organizations of all sizes and even amongst the individuals. But it has failed to impress nowadays, partially, because the attackers keep improvising their security breaching techniques. The technology isn’t solely to be blamed for cybersecurity not performing effectively. There are some additional factors such as poor management, not installing patches properly, and fouled security updates all play a role in the dysfunction of cybersecurity. However, continuous progress is being made in this field, and with the help of AI, cybersecurity can be one of the most effective prevention methods of cyber-attacks.

The Role of AI in Cyber Security

The AI is a much-needed alternative of human decision-making, and it uses computer algorithms and scientific evaluations to conclude a decision. AI plays a vital role in cybersecurity, and it’s useful in several ways. It can think like the attacker and improve the security of that particular area. It can keep human error away from the process, and it’s efficient where there is huge traffic, and human involvement is not possible. AI is set to solve many problems concerned with cybersecurity as it provides reliable prevention against cyber-attacks moreover the importance cybersecurity in digital marketing is also credible to mention.

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AI will prevent human involvement in security concerns

The human participation has become obsolete by the introduction of AI advancements in cybersecurity. AI is capable of tracking the particular function being attacked or at the risk of being attacked and reports the issues to the management. This whole process can now be performed more effectively as compared to previous human intervention.

AI is supported with machine learning, which helps it to improvise, and it’s the most advanced technology working as a substitute for human decision-making capabilities.
One of the latest AI-based tools which have provided 100% results to the Premium Jackets is Symantec’s Targeted attack analytics (TAA) tool, which has helped in uncovering stealthy and targeted attacks. This tool applies AI and machine learning on the knowledge, process, and capabilities on the systems present in a network and intimate about the security breaches to experts and researchers.

Identification and prevention of Cyber-attacks

Many cybersecurity firms have now incorporated AI for identifying the risks and nature of attacks and then developing a solution to counter the identified areas. AI could scan the data from articles and websites about various types of attack and learn about the issue to suggest the best possible solution to the problem at hand. They can detect the redirection of a particular website to identify if the path leads to a malicious site, and several other methods could be used to detect and prevent the attack from happening. According to the Rob Morgan, a cybersecurity expert at Crowd Writer:

If you really want to protect your network, then it is advised to study all the devices and technologies present in the network, as these are the basics which every successful attacker attempt to exploit.”

What does Machine Learning offer to Cyber Security threats?

Machine learning utilizes biometric technologies for analyzing complex text such as text analytics and natural language processing (NLP) for understanding the structure of sentences and their hidden intentions. The influence of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in cybersecurity has helped to counter numerous attacks and security breaches. But it also comes with several risks as all the benefits mentioned earlier could be learned and implemented by the hackers too. AI can thus become a threat to cybersecurity as people with malicious intent will utilize the credentials for launchings their attacks.

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The Other Side of AI – Cons in Cyber Security

The attackers are exploiting the advantages of AI for their peculiar purposes; by doing so, they are asserting authority over AI, which can be very dangerous for the businesses. They are constantly gaining control over the advanced learning skill of AI to make it an effective and stronger weapon for their wills. This is a dark side of AI that can’t be denied, and the higher level of sophistication is therefore needed in this technology. Whether the benefits outweigh the risks of AI, solely depends on one’s perspective!

AI has been implemented in almost every technology, platform, and solutions. Starting from mobile chipsets, emails, intrusion alarms, biometric systems to audio and video surveillance cameras, it is found almost everywhere around us. It has attained the position of being a new market standard. Hence there are endless debates over the efficiency of Artificial Intelligence. One certain thing is that AI will categorically assist IT, professionals, to design strategies which can safeguard against ever-evolving cybersecurity threats.

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