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Top 6 Technology Trends That Will the Most Noise in 2021

Technology is fascinating, and there is never a shortage, considering the fact that people have endless demands and requirements. Technology exists to make our lifestyle, corporate process and manufacturing easier. Interestingly, if you look at the gadgets and other technologies in 2020, it is going to be upgraded or obsolete in 2021.

The main reason behind technology upgradation is AI. Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, cybersecurity is evolving with each passing day. If you are writing an assignment on the technology changes, do not forget to highlight the role of AI. If you require additional information, you will get the optimum assignment help from the following points.

5G Data Networks

5G networks is an emerging technology, and by 2021 it is going to revolutionize the telecom industry. You will experience lower latency and extremely high-speed transmissions (15 to 20 Gbps). It is also going to boost IoT connections and enhance the possibility of implementing virtual networks. This will, in turn, be hastened by the presence of network architecture, called network slicing. It is predicted that by 2021, 5G connections will reach a figure between 20 million and 100 million.

5G promises to deliver up to 1000x more capacity than 4G. It will also play a vital role in Edge Computing, which would enable real-time processing of vast amounts of data. Thus, it will become indispensable in all major sectors like health, scientific study, manufacturing process, technology, etc. 5G also offers increased bandwidth, which is perfect for crowded venues. Due to its versatility, many prominent companies have switched to 5G network like AT&T, BT, Verizon.

Woman Wearing Purple Shirt Holding Smartphone White Sitting on Chair

(Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-purple-shirt-holding-smartphone-white-sitting-on-chair-826349/)

Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning and Machine Learning)

Believe it or not, AI is still at its grassroot level. By 2021, it is estimated that AI systems will reach $57.6 billion. These systems are backed by the Machine Learning algorithms like Supervised, Unsupervised Learning and Regression algorithms. Moreover, Deep Learning algorithms like CNN, LSTM, RBM and Neural Networks are indispensable. When you ask Siri to offer recommendations, how do you think your obedient virtual assistant provide the results?

Your feeds on Instagram and Facebook are updated every second. Today, robots have been deployed to perform door-to-door delivery and even complex surgical operations. This is due to AI. Moreover, Natural Language Processing is being used for speech recognition. And, businesses rely on Predictive Analysis and Sentiment Analysis, for sales funnel study.

Blockchain Technology

Well, the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing protocols are surely going to give this technology a boost in 2020 and the years to come. Not only does it ensure the safe transfer of money, but it also offers tight security provisions. This is the reason why Blockchain technology is expected to grow from 3 billion dollar industry in 2020 to 39.7 billion dollars in 2025.

The process, though seemingly intimidating at first, gets more comfortable with time. When you purchase an item on Amazon, eBay, your name gets recorded along with the digital signature. The entire documentation gets saved on the block, consisting of nonce and hash. The nonce is the number added to the hashed (encrypted block) in Blockchain, which when rehashed meets the difficulty level restrictions.

Round Silver and Gold Coins

(Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/round-silver-and-gold-coins-730564/)

Computer Vision

Have you ever given this a thought? When you drag and paste images on Google search bar, and the engine provides you results, do you wonder how it does so? Well, it carried out by a technology known as Computer Vision. It is due to this feature that smartphone cameras are able to detect an image, conduct retina scan, read faces, etc. Hence, it is widely used for facial recognition.

Moreover, it proved to be useful in medical testing. It helps in identifying patterns, which is why it is important in tumor detection. It analyzes an image in depth and collects information from histogram ratio, etc. Other notable fields of application would be Edge Detection, Assembly Verification, Metrology, Intruder Detection, and Code and Character Readers. Experts use it for data extraction and image segmentation.

Quantum Computing

Super-fast computers have intrigued us all the time. Well, it’s about to get faster with quantum computing. In 2019, Symacore shocked us with its high-speed computing when it beat IBM’s supercomputers. It barely takes a second for the machines to comprehend complex data, like pattern changes and weather and climate.

As per the reports, certain ‘ion trap’ quantum computers are being used to estimate COVID-19 patients, method of spread, particle count, etc. This information will come in handy as the experts are trying to find the vaccines for the COVID-19. It also finds application in gene sequencing, physics, chemistry, computer science, data science, etc.

Gene Editing

Gene Editing has been working wonders for a while, and it may provide solutions for incurable diseases like AIDS, Ebola, tuberculosis and COVID-19. It holds to the key to forming a resistance to any foreign particles or novel virus. Gene-editing technologies are making phenomenal strides with the help of CRISPR technology. With the convergence of genome sequencing, AI, and other biotechnologies, gene editing looks promising.

Again AI plays a massive role here with biostatistics, advanced software for conducting studies and much more. As you can imagine, it won’t take long for the experts to come up with antibodies, vaccines and medicines. The biggest example of the CRISPR technology would be the CRISPR-Cas9, which was adapted from a naturally occurring genome editing system in bacteria.

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(Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-in-white-laboratory-gown-3735782/)

So, you can see, how technologies have evolved over the years. It is actively helping humans to either combat stress, disease or making way for better communication. So, if you are working on technology-related assignments, keep an eye out for the websites, blog posts and journals. And, if the task seems daunting, you can hire professional experts for assignment help.

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