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Server Issues That Can Affect Your WordPress Site (And How to Solve Them)

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WordPress is a complicated content management system with many integrated management tools. Technical difficulties during website creation and management are not unheard of. Very often such problems arise, and the usual developer runs to correct conflicting plugins or themes. However, many problems are not solely due to a simple plugin. To some degree, they are… Read More

WordPress 4.9.5: A Security and Maintenance Release

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Recently, WordPress has introduced its new version “WordPress 4.9.6” which is a privacy and maintenance release. Shortly before, WordPress launched a version which is security and maintenance release, “WordPress 4.9.5”. These vulnerabilities are a part of the whole mission of WordPress development and are considered low severity to enhance the security of the core application… Read More

Web Security for Digital Marketers: How To Discover Site Issues

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Web security has not been traditionally thought of as something marketers need to concern themselves with, but it looks like things are about to change. With the exponential increase in demand for online marketing services in recent years, digital marketers are becoming more and more involved in the process of website development and maintenance. And… Read More

7 WordPress Security Tips for DIY Users

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WordPress can be considered as the most convenient Content Management Platform available for you to develop a website. In other words, you are provided with the ability to develop basic sites as well as complex websites along with the assistance of WordPress. After developing your website with WordPress, you cannot just forget it. You will… Read More

6 Ways to Protect WordPress Website from Hacking

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WordPress is an incredible open-source CMS (Content Management System). Undoubtedly, it’s easy, user-friendly and free platform trusted by bloggers, developers, designers, and internet enthusiasts across the globe. It is swamped with advantages for all types of users. Its usability is par excellence. WordPress is hot-ticket to express message incessantly to the millions of internet users… Read More

5+ Best WordPress Plugins for Data Import/Export to Transfer Your Data Safely

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Recently, a new debate has emerged regarding the importance of software technologies and the security of data. The concept has engulfed developers and designers, the verdict of the majority has led us to believe that due to the progress of software development, there will come a time when software will be relatively cheaper and be… Read More

Top Bad WordPress Passwords Never Change

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“Why do I need another account? Another password? I’ll just use 123456 as usual. This account is not important.” As ridiculous as that seems it’s the way a lot of people think and the #1 reason they get hacked. We all hate passwords. They are not convenient. We have far too many and need to… Read More

5 Common WordPress Security Issues and How to Fix Them

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If you own a website that is powered by WordPress, then you must be concerned about possible WordPress security issues and vulnerabilities. The WordPress websites are susceptible to severe security issues and attacks. If the sites are hacked, they not only cost the owner regarding reinstating the system back to normal but also ruin search… Read More