Event Logger Settings

The Event Logger module helps you monitor and track important events on your website. By customizing the settings, you can tailor its behavior to your specific security needs, including the following:

Enable events logging

Events log settings

Email Reports

You can receive email reports when a specified number of events occur on your website. While this feature provides real-time alerts, only enable it if you’re prepared for the potential influx of emails.

Modules Included

Each module tracks different event types. Customize which modules to monitor:

  • Comments: Logs new comments, edits, and deletions.
  • File editor: Monitors file changes via the theme/plugin editor.
  • Installer: Tracks plugin and theme installations.
  • Media: Logs media file uploads and deletions.
  • Menus: Records modifications to site menus.
  • Posts: Captures content creation, editing, and deletion.
  • Settings: Detects changes to site settings.
  • Taxonomies: Logs category and tag modifications.
  • Users: Tracks new user registrations, logins, and profile edits.
  • Widgets: Monitors widget modifications.
  • WooCommerce: Keeps tabs on significant WooCommerce events.
  • Security Ninja: Tracks activities related to the Security Ninja plugin itself.

Email Recipient

If you opt to receive email reports, ensure the recipient address is correct to guarantee the alerts reach your inbox.

Log Retention Policy

The default retention period is seven days. Increase it up to 45 days if you prefer keeping logs longer, but be aware that this could affect database size and performance.

Webhook Events

Discover how to utilize webhook events to enhance your workflows. With Zapier integration, you can connect alerts to Slack or other platforms, customizing notifications to your workflow.


Use the “Delete all log entries” button to clear event logs entirely. Be cautious, as this action is irreversible. Consider exporting logs periodically if you need to maintain historical records.


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