How to include custom code on your website

You can add pieces of PHP code snippets into your theme’s functions.php file. This is a common place to store custom code.

If you are unable to edit the file or do not want to touch your theme code you can use a plugin such as WPCode – Insert headers and footers – Free from

This is a great little tool to add custom code to your website without editing any files in your theme or plugins.

  • Log in to your website and go to “Plugins” -> “Add New”
  • Search for “my custom functions” and locate the plugin named “My Custom Functions by Space X-Chimp.
  • Install the plugin using the button “Install Now” and then wait a few seconds until you can click “Activate”.
  • After the plugin is activated, go to “Settings” -> “PHP Inserter”.
  • Here, you can copy-paste the code above.
  • Make sure to customise to filter out the files and folders you want to whitelist using the examples above.


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