What is the visitor log

What the visitor log can show you

The visitor log shows the traffic going to your website as it happens. The list shows the latest visitors that has come to your website – latest visitors shown at top.

Visitor log table

The page is updated every 10 seconds while you have the window in focus.

The list can give you an insight into what traffic is coming in right now – the list is automatically updated every 10 seconds when you have the page open.

Only runs when you look at it

To constantly update the visitor data can put extra strain on your server, so the update cycle only runs when you have the tab open. This means if you go to a different tab or open a different app on your device, the window looses focus and stops updating automatically.

Paused, switch back to enable live updates

To regain live updates, you just need to go back to the window and the list will start updating again by itself.

How to pause the visitor list

Use the checkbox to enable or disable the list being updated. If you want a closer look at one or more of the visitors you can pause the update by clicking the checkbox on or off.

Enable live updates

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