Block IP Network

The Security Ninja Pro firewall is a robust security solution for WordPress websites, featuring an integrated network where each site reports hack attempts to a central server. This information is then shared across the network, allowing other sites to preemptively block these malicious IPs. This collective intelligence approach significantly enhances the security posture of all participating sites.

Block IP Network Block IP Network - Participate in the global bad IP network. Submit hack attempts to central database.

Global Bad IP Network Participation

Websites using Security Ninja Pro become part of a global network that collaborates in identifying and blocking IPs associated with hack attempts. When an IP is blocked for suspicious activity, this information is instantly distributed across the network, enabling other sites to proactively defend against these known threats. This feature essentially creates a communal shield, elevating security for all members.

Privacy Considerations

Security Ninja Pro places a high emphasis on privacy. The data transmitted to the central server only includes the IP address that was blocked, the website executing the block, and the reason for the block. This data is used solely for tracking and analyzing hack attempts and patterns, and no personally identifiable information is collected or shared.

Read more about what non-sensitive diagnostic data we are tracking, our privacy policy and how we follow the GDPR rules.

Additional Security Features

  1. Country Blocking: This feature allows website owners to block traffic from specific countries, adding an extra layer of control over who can access the site.
  2. Redirecting Blocked Visitors: Sites have the option to redirect blocked visitors to a different URL, further deterring unwanted access.
  3. Login and Admin URL Renaming: By changing the default WordPress admin URLs, Security Ninja Pro makes it harder for hackers to find and attack these entry points.
  4. Spam Protection: Over 100,000 known spammers are automatically blocked, reducing the risk of spam attacks.
  5. Suspicious Request Blocking: The firewall scrutinizes all incoming traffic and blocks requests that appear malicious, protecting against various cyber threats.
  6. Brute Force Attack Protection: Security Ninja Pro offers protection against brute force attacks by monitoring and restricting repeated failed login attempts.

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