Check WP Core Updates

Keeping your WordPress core up to date is vital for maintaining the security and functionality of your website. Outdated WordPress versions are more susceptible to attacks since they often contain known vulnerabilities that have been addressed in newer versions.

When vulnerabilities are discovered in WordPress, developers release updates to fix these issues. By delaying these updates, you expose your site to potential cyber threats. The details of vulnerabilities in older versions are often public knowledge, making them easy targets for attackers.

To check if your WordPress core is up to date, navigate to your WordPress Dashboard and look for updates under the Updates section. It’s recommended to set up automatic updates for minor versions, which primarily include security fixes and minor improvements.

For more information on securing your WordPress site, refer to our article on Hiding WordPress Version Information to prevent attackers from exploiting version-specific vulnerabilities.

Remember, updating your WordPress core not only improves security but also ensures compatibility with plugins and themes, providing a smooth and secure user experience. Regular updates are a foundational practice in maintaining a robust WordPress site.

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