Unnecessary information on failed login attempts

Enhancing Login Security with WP Security Ninja: “Check for Display of Unnecessary Information on Failed Login Attempts”

WP Security Ninja offers a crucial security test known as “Check for display of unnecessary information on failed login attempts.” This test aims to identify if your WordPress site is revealing too much information when a login attempt fails, which could assist attackers in their efforts.

Why Limiting Information on Failed Logins is Crucial

Providing detailed error messages on failed login attempts can give attackers clues about how to breach your site. For example, specifying that a username is correct but the password is wrong can aid in brute-force attacks. Learn more about Security Tests.

How the Test Works

This test examines the error messages displayed on your login page when a login attempt fails. If the messages are too informative, the test will flag this as a security risk. For more on securing your site, see Getting to Know the WP Security Ninja Firewall.

Running the Test

To execute this test, go to the WP Security Ninja dashboard and click on the “Security Tests” tab. Locate and run the “Check for display of unnecessary information on failed login attempts” test.

Understanding the Results

If the test identifies that your site is displaying too much information on failed login attempts, it will recommend actions to take. For beginners, the How to Install and Use WP Security Ninja guide can be helpful.

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