Disable Username Enumeration

This will prevent redirections from yoursite.com/?author={id} to yoursite.com/author/username

Having username enumeration enabled on a WordPress website presents a security risk, as it allows potential attackers to easily discover usernames through various methods, such as error messages or author archive pages. This information can then be used to attempt brute force attacks, targeting passwords associated with these usernames.

Disable Username Enumeration

By gathering a list of valid usernames, an attacker can focus their efforts more effectively, increasing the likelihood of unauthorized access.

Disabling username enumeration is a basic yet crucial step in hardening WordPress sites against such attacks, making it more difficult for attackers to gain the information they need to compromise the site.

Hackers will use this method to identify usernames on your website. Blocking this functionality and using custom user names you will be making their attempts to log in to your website a little more difficult.

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