Change login URL

Most automated scripts look for the default login URLs, /wp-admin/ and wp-login.php

With Security Ninja, you can change the URLs to make it more difficult for the scripts to find and attempt to log in to your website.

The Change Login URL is located under the firewall tab.

The Firewall tab

The default slug is /my-login/ – you can change it to anything you want. Please note only alphanumeric characters, underscore and dashes are allowed.

Works: my_custom-log1n

Will not work: my#c%stom-løg!n

Change login URL

Please note you should not use the same URL as an existing post or page on your website.

This feature is compatible with other WordPress plugins, but it does not work with plugins or themes that have hardcoded links to /wp-admin or wp-login.php.

The plugin does not make any changes to .htaccess or add any rewrite rules. To deactivate the custom login, disable the feature or if you cannot remember the login you can deactivate the plugin via FTP – simply rename the folder name.

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