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**How to Import and Export Data in Security Ninja Pro**

Importing and exporting data in Security Ninja Pro is easy.

Navigate to Security Ninja -> Tools

How to Export Settings

To export your Security Ninja Pro settings, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Export Box: In your Security Ninja Pro dashboard, go to the Tools section and locate the box under “Export”.
  2. Select Information for Export: Mark all the information in the export box. This ensures that all your settings are included in the export file.
  3. Avoid Making Changes: It’s crucial not to make any changes to the settings file manually. Altering the exported data can introduce errors during the import process. If you need to adjust any settings, do so before exporting or after importing on the new site.
  4. Note About License Information: Please note that license information is not included in the export file. You will need to manually enter the license key on the new site.

How to Import Settings

To import settings to a new website, follow these steps:

  1. Copy and Paste Settings: Go to the new website where you want to import the settings. In the Security Ninja Pro dashboard, find the import section. Copy the exported settings from the old site and paste them into the import box on the new site.
  2. Initiate Import Process: Click the “Import Settings” button to start the process. Security Ninja Pro will automatically apply the settings to the new site.
  3. Verify Import Success: After the import is complete, verify that all settings have been correctly applied. Check that all security features and configurations match those of the original site.

p.s. The unique secret access URL for regaining access to your website if your IP gets blocked is not exported due to security reasons. Ensure you write down or save the Secret Access URL for each website individually.

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