User “admin” with administrator privileges exists

WP Security Ninja includes an important security test called “Check if user with username ‘admin’ and administrator privileges exists.” This test is designed to identify a common security vulnerability—having an administrator account with the easily guessable username ‘admin’.

Why the ‘admin’ Username is Risky

Using ‘admin’ as the username for an administrator account is a security risk because it’s the first username that attackers try when attempting to gain unauthorized access to your website.

How the Test Works

This test scans the list of users on your WordPress site and checks if any of them have ‘admin’ as the username and administrator privileges. If such a user is found, the test will flag it as a security risk.

Running the Test

To perform this test, go to the WP Security Ninja dashboard and click on the “Security Tests” tab. Locate and run the “Check if user with username ‘admin’ and administrator privileges exists” test.

Understanding the Results

If the test identifies a user with the username ‘admin’ and administrator privileges, it’s strongly recommended to change the username immediately. The test will provide instructions on how to safely change the username.

Additional Recommendations

Always use strong, unique usernames and passwords for all administrator accounts. This adds an extra layer of security to your WordPress site.

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