The Global Event Log

The Global Event Log feature in the MainWP Extension for Security Ninja offers a comprehensive and integrated view of all events from websites in your MainWP Dashboard that have Security Ninja installed.

This powerful tool is designed to simplify your monitoring process by providing a centralized overview of all your connected sites.

The global events log - Security Ninja for MainWP
Example view of the global events log with test sites

With this feature, you can effortlessly navigate to specific site information. A simple click on the name of any site will direct you to the Security Ninja Tab on that particular site’s page, where additional details about the website’s security status and activities is available.

The log not only consolidates the data but also enhances the user experience with sorting and search functionalities.

This allows you to quickly filter content, locate specific events, or find particular text across all your sites, making it an essential tool for streamlined and effective security management.

By offering a bird’s-eye view of the security landscape across your entire network, the Global Event Log ensures that you stay informed and proactive about the security of your websites, all from a single, convenient location.

For more information and guidance on accessing and utilizing the Security Ninja in MainWP Dashboard, please visit our documentation.



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