What is the White label feature

Available for Pro users with 20 sites license or more, the whitelabel feature allows you to customize various aspects of the plugin to give it your unique branding and identity. You can tailor the following settings:

  • Plugin Name: Change the name of the plugin to match your branding.
  • Plugin Description: Customize the plugin’s description to convey your message or purpose.
  • Author Name: Replace the author’s name with your own or your company’s name.
  • Author URL: Set a custom URL that links to your website or desired destination.
  • Plugin Icon URL: Upload a small square image that represents the plugin, such as on the update-core page.
  • Plugin Menu Icon URL: Customize the icon displayed in the sidebar menu for easy recognition.

With these settings, you can make the plugin seamlessly integrate into your brand’s ecosystem. However, please be aware that enabling the whitelabel feature removes all inline help from the plugin. Therefore, it’s essential to keep track of the URL shown when you activate the feature for future reference.

For detailed instructions on how to utilize the whitelabel feature, please refer to the documentation here.

This feature is exclusively available to Premium users with a license for 20 sites or more.

Whitelabel WordPress security with WP Security Ninja

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