No Admin User

Utilizing ‘admin’ as a username with administrator privileges in WordPress substantially heightens the risk of brute-force attacks. This default username remains a prime target for malicious actors due to its widespread usage and easy predictability.

To fortify your site’s defenses, it’s imperative to establish a distinctive username endowed with administrative rights and either delete or alter the role of any pre-existing ‘admin’ user. When crafting a new username, steer clear of commonplace names or readily guessable terms, opting instead for a combination that is intricate and less foreseeable.

WP Security Ninja scrutinizes for this scenario – User “admin” with administrator privileges exists.

Subsequent to the creation of a new administrator account, ensure that the former ‘admin’ account’s content is seamlessly transferred to the new user, after which the ‘admin’ account can be safely expunged or demoted. This procedural step thwarts potential attackers from exploiting the commonplace ‘admin’ entry point to breach your site’s defenses.

Moreover, institute robust password protocols and contemplate integrating two-factor authentication for an additional stratum of security. These measures, coupled with a unique username, profoundly fortify the resilience of your WordPress site against illicit access endeavors.

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