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Once you have installed the plugin you can find the plugin in the menu under “Security Ninja”

The plugin dashboard page will give you a quick welcome and show you what tests are available for you.

Click the “Analyze Site” button to get started.

This will open up an overlay while the scans are made in the background.

The analysis will take less than a minute and once done the overlay will disappear and show your score.

Please remember, this test is far from exhaustive and even if you score 100% green results, that is no guarantee your website will not be hacked. (If you want to feel more protected from hackers, check out our Security Ninja Pro plugin with firewall protection, malware scanner and much more.)

The results of the security tests are shown below the overall score.

Each test is described with more details about what it is and why you should fix it. If you click on the button next to each result you can see more details about the test.

Auto Fixer

In the pro version, some fixes can be made with a single button click.

Please note, this feature is only available for some tests, other fixes you need to do manually.

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