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To effectively manage your WP Security Ninja subscriptions, licenses, and more, you can access your dedicated account page.

Accessing Your Account

To get started, visit your My Account Page. This page serves as the central hub for managing all aspects of your WP Security Ninja account, including your websites, licenses, and invoices.

First time logging in? If you’re new to WP Security Ninja or have questions about accessing your account, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to log in for the first time, whether you already have a Freemius account or are new to the system. Read more here

Websites tab on your account page

Websites Overview

The first thing you’ll see upon logging in is an overview of the websites where you’ve installed Security Ninja. This gives you a quick snapshot of your security setup across different platforms.


On the sidebar, you’ll find the “Downloads” section. Here, you can access your premium downloads and keep your plugins up-to-date.


Under the “Licenses” tab, you can view your license keys, making it easier to manage your subscriptions and ensure uninterrupted service.

Order History

The “Orders History” section allows you to access your invoices and other transaction details. This is useful for accounting and record-keeping purposes.

Renewals & Billing

This is where you can manage your subscription renewals and update your billing information to ensure uninterrupted service.

My Profile

In the “My Profile” section, you can edit your billing details and access both public and private keys for enhanced security.


If you have any questions or need quick tips, the FAQ section provides practical guides on topics like plugin installation and more.

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