What is the sn-backups folder?

The SN Backups folder is a crucial component of the Security Ninja plugin, designed to store backup copies of specific critical files from your WordPress site. These backups ensure that essential configuration files are safe and can be restored if any issues arise. Understanding how this folder functions helps in maintaining your site’s security and integrity.

Purpose of the SN Backups Folder

The main purpose of the /wp-content/sn-backups/ folder is to provide a secure location for storing backup copies of important WordPress files, such as wp-config.php and .htaccess. These files are essential for the proper functioning of your website and contain critical configuration settings.

Files Included in the SN Backups Folder

Security Ninja backs up the following key files:

  • wp-config.php: Contains database connection details and other configuration settings.
  • .htaccess: A configuration file for the Apache web server, which can control various aspects of your website, including URL redirection and access control.
  • Other critical files as deemed necessary by the plugin.

How Security Ninja Manages Backups

Security Ninja automatically backs up these critical files to the /wp-content/sn-backups/ folder. To ensure efficient use of storage and maintain up-to-date backups, the plugin keeps only the latest 10 copies of each file. Older copies are automatically cleaned up.

Accessing and Managing the SN Backups Folder

The /wp-content/sn-backups/ folder is typically located within your WordPress installation’s wp-content directory. This makes it easy to locate and manage alongside your other WordPress content. Here’s how you can access and manage the backups:

  • Navigate to your WordPress installation’s wp-content directory using your file manager or FTP client.
  • Locate the sn-backups folder.
  • Within this folder, you will find the backed-up copies of your critical files.

You would most likely never need to visit this folder. The plugin uses any backups if necessary, but allows you to have manual access in case its needed.

Benefits of the SN Backups Folder

The SN Backups folder offers several benefits:

  • Quick Recovery: Provides quick access to essential files for restoring your site in case of corruption or accidental deletion.
  • Automatic Cleanup: Ensures that only the latest 10 copies are kept, saving storage space and keeping backups manageable.
  • Enhanced Security: Maintains backups of configuration files critical to your site’s security and functionality.

Troubleshooting and Best Practices

If you encounter issues with your backups, ensure that your Security Ninja plugin is up-to-date and correctly configured.

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