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How to cancel your subscription with Freemius

If you choose to no longer use Security Ninja there are several ways to cancel your subscription.

Remember: Deactivating and removing the plugin DOES NOT cancel your subscription automatically!

There are many ways you can choose to cancel your subscription:

Cancel subscription when deactivating the plugin

The fastest and easiest way is when you deactivate the plugin to check the “Cancel subscription” option.

Cancel subscription popup

Cancel subscription from the account page

If you have already deactivated the plugin there is also a way to deactivate from your account page:

Log in with your email and password – use the same email as when you purchased the plugin.

Go to the tab named “Renewals & Billing”

Click the subscription you want to cancel. On the right hand side a list of options appears – here you can click “Cancel Auto-Renew” and follow the instructions:

Where to Cancel Auto-Renew your subscription

If you have a Gumroad subscription

When Security Ninja first started, the plugin used Gumroad as a payment processor. Since 2019 when the plugin was taken over, all new subscribers was changed to Freemius.
It was not possible to transfer subscriptions from Gumroad to Freemius, so if you have purchased a license in the old system you need to cancel via Gumroad.

Gumroad has a really nice help instructions on how to cancel a subscription:

Check out the second option, “2) Cancel from your receipt. ”

How to cancel Gumroad subscription
Please search your email inbox (remember to check the spam/junk folders also) for “Gumroad” and check out the instructions for cancelling there.

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