What is the vulnerability scanner?

The vulnerability scanner is a module for both free and premium users. This keeps an eye on your website and checks if there are any plugins that you need to upgrade or remove because of known vulnerabilities.

What is a vulnerability?

A vulnerability is a know problem in a piece of software that can be abused in a way to gain access to your website or inject malware.

This could either be in a plugin, the theme you are using or even WordPress itself.

We gather data from sources such as NVD – the National Vulnerability Database and use the data to warn you if you have software on your website known to have vulnerabilities.

What can I do about a vulnerability?

There are a few options, depending on how the owner of the software has responded. Most developers will be quick to push out an update once they have been made aware of an issue.

First step is to check if there is an update available and if not to find an alternative plugin or theme. The plugin will give you a recommendation on what to do or if the plugin has been discontinued.

Vulnerabilities found on your system

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