How to Allow Users to Bypass 2FA in Security Ninja

Administrators have the ability to allow individual users to bypass Two Factor Authentication (2FA) when logging into their WordPress sites. This can be useful in situations where certain users require a simpler login process. Here’s how to manage this setting:

Steps to Disable 2FA for a User:

  1. Navigate to User Profile:
    • Go to your WordPress Dashboard.
    • Navigate to Users > All Users.
    • Click on the username of the user you want to modify.
  2. Enable Bypass 2FA:
    • Scroll down to the Two Factor Authentication section.
    • Check the box labeled Bypass 2FA which states, “Check this box to allow the user to bypass Two Factor Authentication.”
  3. Save Changes:
    • Remember to click Save to apply the changes.

Bypass 2FA authentication

When this checkbox is checked, the selected user will not be required to enter a 2FA code when logging in. If the checkbox is not checked, the user will need to use 2FA (assuming the 2FA feature is enabled).

Resetting 2FA Settings for All Users

It is also possible to reset all users’ 2FA settings if necessary. This action should be done with caution as it requires all users to set up 2FA again. For detailed instructions on how to reset 2FA for all users, refer to our article: How to Reset 2FA.

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